A live chat is a real-time way of communication between a website hosting supplier's support crew and its customers. It is an efficient method to receive some info about the website hosting services or get some problem resolved because you're talking to a live agent. The advantages of using a live chat service instead of calling or opening a trouble ticket are the low possibility of mistakes any time you exchange information such as usernames or domain names, the more rapid response time because the communication is real-time as well as the fact that you don't have to stay on the chat constantly - you're able to do something else while the representative examines the issue involved. Also, you're able to join a live chat room from any kind of computer that is connected to the world wide web, avoiding the telephone charges that you will have to pay if you are calling to another country.

Live Chat Support in Cloud Hosting

As part of the support services that we provide for all of our Linux cloud packages, you will find live chat support which is available every single day, even on holidays. You are able to get in touch with us regardless if you already have an account or not, considering that we will assist you with all kinds of things, ranging from giving you general info on our solutions in case you are not our customer yet and you're considering to purchase one of our packages, to assisting you with creating an email account in an email client. A part of the problems are more complex and time-consuming, and you'll have to use the ticketing system which is built-in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, but we can save you precious time and assist you in real time on our live chat for quite a lot of things.