ModSecurity is a potent web app layer firewall for Apache web servers. It monitors the whole HTTP traffic to a site without affecting its operation and in case it identifies an intrusion attempt, it prevents it. The firewall additionally maintains a more comprehensive log for the site visitors than any web server does, so you will be able to monitor what's happening with your websites better than if you rely only on standard logs. ModSecurity employs security rules based on which it prevents attacks. For instance, it identifies whether somebody is attempting to log in to the admin area of a particular script a number of times or if a request is sent to execute a file with a specific command. In such cases these attempts trigger the corresponding rules and the firewall blocks the attempts instantly, after that records in-depth info about them in its logs. ModSecurity is one of the very best software firewalls on the market and it can protect your web applications against a huge number of threats and vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t update them or their plugins often.

ModSecurity in Cloud Hosting

ModSecurity is available with every cloud hosting solution which we offer and it's turned on by default for any domain or subdomain that you include via your Hepsia Control Panel. In case it interferes with any of your programs or you'd like to disable it for any reason, you shall be able to achieve that through the ModSecurity section of Hepsia with just a click. You may also activate a passive mode, so the firewall will identify possible attacks and maintain a log, but will not take any action. You could see comprehensive logs in the exact same section, including the IP address where the attack originated from, exactly what the attacker attempted to do and at what time, what ModSecurity did, and so forth. For maximum protection of our clients we use a collection of commercial firewall rules combined with custom ones that are included by our system administrators.